“Yoga is 99% Practicce and 1% Theory” K. Ptattabhi Jois

One of the largest and unwavering pillars in my life is yoga.  It has been quite the journey for me as I have transitioned as a professional dancer, to yoga practitioner, to yoga teacher.  Sharing the practice of yoga brings me great joy and is something I am intensely passionate about! 

Immersed in the ashtanga, vinyasa and meditation practices with all of my heart, I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 5 years and continue still to find new challenges and opportunities for growth.  

As life develops, so does my teaching style.  I find inspiration in all aspects of life and continue to play with the practice and different techniques. Currently I teach from the Ashtanga Primary Series as my foundation and incorporate creative vinyasa sequencing infused with krias and breathing techniques.

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