Volunteer Work

Vancouver Sun Run July 2013; Vancouver

  • What an amazing experience! Gave free 20 minute sports massages to pre and post runners

Vancouver Marathon July 2014

  • Another amazing event! Gave free 20-30 minute sports massages for those participating in event

Vancouver Community Center for Senior Citizens January-March 2013; Vancouver

  • Worked with geriatrics patients for 3 months in 2013 once a week
  • I would have loved to also teach a group yoga class but was not able to accommodate it into my schedule due to school and work

Lululemon Event January 2014; Vancouver

  • Offered free massages to those at the event
  • Taught the benefits of massage

Innovative Fitness Fundraser November 2014; Abbotsford

  • “Train your Trainer” event
  • Gave free chair massages to athletes during a interval training event 

Inreach for ALS, MS, Dementia, Parkinson’s January 2013- September 2014

  • Treated hundreds of patients with neurological disease 
  • One day a week every week

Outreach for children with neurological and spinal diseases/injuries January- March 2013

  • Treated about 10 kids with mental/spinal/neurological ailments 
  • Two days a week

Outreach for GF Strong (world leading hospital for children with spinal injuries in Vancouver, British Columbia) March- August 2014

  • Made weekly visits to the hospital to treat youth and adult patients with spinal diseases/injuries
  • Specifically stroke, spastic and paralysis symptoms, spinal cord injuries at all levels, quadriplegics, hemipligics, etc..
  • Saw 5-10 patients each shift  
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