Say Your Name Like It’s Beyonce’s

I have this inner voice. This bad ass, spunky, energizing, motivating and confident inner voice. I havent always had it. It has come and gone throughout my life. Lately it has been on the ‘gone’ side of the spectrum.

But I was watching Beyoncé music videos one day and I thought to myself, “Damn. This woman knows what the fuck is up. She looks goooood and confident as hell being exactly who she is.” So, later I was brushing my teeth and, because Im a woman and its 2017, my mind wondered what her training schedule must be like. “She probably doesnt miss a damn day of some form of training. And when you have that much money you can afford to pay someone to hold you accountable to it”….was my initial thought. Obviously, I was envious of her body and how fit, curvy and fabulous she is. Then I found my mind wondering in another direction….

I realized that no body gets her out of bed every morning but herself. And her inner voice. No one gets her to training but her. I thought, ‘when she has a bad day, she probably says to herself, “You’re mutha-fuckin-BEYONCÉ BITCH! Now get the fuck up and start acting like it.”
That’s how you get shit done. Immediately after I thought, “Fuck, I wish my name was as strong as Beyonce’s…” but that of course is a joke, right? Because my name is MINE. I realized I could wake up every morning telling myself,

“Come on, you are mutha-fuckin CAITLYN BITCH! Now get the fuck up and start acting like it.”

And you know what, it fucking works.  I dont drag myself around anywhere anymore. If I dont ‘feel’ like doing something (which is a whole other post in itself….I have a theory that we all give ourselves too many opportunities to ‘feel’ instead of just doing something)…anyways like I was saying, if I dont ‘feel’ like doing something I say to myself, “you are mutha-fucking-CAITLYN. Let’s go. Show me what you’re worth”

I am worth a whole fuck ton more than I was giving myself credit for. So, I started saying my name like it was Beyonce’s. And chances are, you dont give yourself enough credit either. So start reminding yourself of who you are and what a bad ass bitch you are. Say your name like it has VALUE and POWER. Because it DOES. You DO. Hold yourself to Beyonce’s standards. Hold yourself to the confidence and self assurance that Beyoncé must have. And dont settle for anything less than 110% from yourself.

Say you name like its F*$@ING Beyonce’s


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